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We don't just manufacture pallets, we provide competitively priced bespoke shipping and storage solutions that fit into your manufacturing process and eliminate uncertainty from the pallet supply chain. Underpinned by our automated production lines and on-site inventory of over 20,000 units, we can guarantee minimum stock levels and implement call-off, just-in-time, or kanban delivery systems. And, we have the production and IT expertise to provide solutions that integrate with your ERP systems and RFID labelling mandates.

Our services include:

There are some applications, such as in-house storage, where non-standard pallet designs are required. We provide a complete design and production service for custom pallets.

While many applications demand the use of clean new pallets, there are also many applications where pallets can be reused. We offer a wide range of repair and reconditioning services.

Many of our large multinational customers operate sophisticated production processes and IT systems with which they expect their suppliers to interoperate. We have the skills and experience to implement streamlined delivery processes to complement our range of high quality products.


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