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Bearer pallets

Bearer pallet

A bearer pallet is constructed using three or more parallel pieces of timber (called bearers) onto which the deckboards are attached. Bearer pallets are often called two-way pallets, because forklifts and pallet trucks can access them only from two sides. Bearer pallets are typically less expensive than 4-way block pallets because they use less timber. A bearer pallet also generally has greater load-bearing capacity than its 4-way equivalent.

Bearer pallets from Hazelhill Timber Products

  • Cost-effective – typically less expensive than the equivalent 4-way block pallet
  • Greater load-bearing capacity than the equivalent 4-way block pallet
  • Made from high-quality kiln-dried native timber sourced from renewable forests
  • Compliant with ISPM 15
  • Available in standard and bespoke sizes
  • 100% recyclable