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Pallet repair and reuse

In industries such as food and drink, healthcare, and medical devices, it is essential (and often, a legal requirement) that goods must be shipped on clean, new pallets. However, in situations where this is not necessary, shipping goods on previously used pallets is a practical, not to mention cost-effective and environmentally friendly, option.

Many of our customers for new pallets have large quantities of used pallets on site that they cannot reuse. At the same time, they receive deliveries of new pallets from us and our lorries depart empty. We operate a new-for-old program whereby we collect old pallets when delivering new ones. This program offers the following benefits:

  • The cost of the new pallets is reduced, based on the number and condition of the old pallets collected.
  • The cost of disposing of used pallets is eliminated.

We inspect every load of returned pallets and grade them according to their condition. We agree with our customers the credit value of each grade of used pallet. Following inspection and grading, we provide a detailed statement outlining the quantity of each grade included in the load, and the value of the returned load is then credited against the cost of the new load.